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Legion's 96th birthday is March 15
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March 15, the birthday of The American Legion, is the day in 1919 when the first Legion caucus, held by members of the American Expeditionary Force, convened in Paris.

Each year, Legion posts across the country hold events – public, private or both – to commemorate this anniversary. A guidelined speech has been drafted by the Legion's Media & Communications Division staff as a way for Legionnaires to emphasize what the organization represents, to both themselves and the community at large. The speech is not necessarily meant to be recited verbatim; members are encouraged to amend it to taste and audience. The birthday speech can be downloaded here. 

Members of The American Legion Amateur Radio Club will operate a special event station to commemorate the Legion's 96th birthday. Operating from the radio room at National Headquarters in Indianapolis, ham radio operators at club station K9TAL will celebrate the Legion's 96 years of service to America's veterans with both members and non-member amateur radio operators around the world on March 14. Learn more about the event here 

Posts are encouraged to upload recaps and photos of their birthday celebrations (and other community activities) online at Legiontown is a place for Legionnaires to tell their stories and see the stories of other Legionnaires. In the same vein is the Centennial Celebrationwebsite; some posts are posting their event plans ahead of time using the site's calendar. For example, Post 148 of Colonial Beach, Va., is planning a dual Legion Birthday-St. Patrick's Day party on March 14.

Georgia Veteran's Drivers License
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Veteran’s Driver’s License/ID Available for All Georgia Veterans 

Now, all Georgia vets regardless of where they enlisted or the time frame that they served may obtain the patriotic veteran’s license at the same fee paid for the traditional Georgia license or ID card.

“We are grateful to our partners at the Department of Driver Services for championing this change,” said Georgia Department of Veterans Service Commissioner Pete Wheeler. “Now every veteran, regardless of service, will be able to proudly carry a Georgia Veteran’s Driver’s License/ID Card.”


2014 Legacy Ride
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The 2014 Legion Legacy ride stopped at Legion Post 127 last night.


Here are some clips from the Main Legion Web Site 

4:29 p.m. – At Post 127 in Buford, Ga., Mark Gosney of the Run’s advance team goes over the parking plan for the 242 bikes coming into the post. With all the stops this week, he and his crew have parked thousands of motorcycles. “It’s hectic, and it’s a challenge, to be honest,” he says. “Getting all the bikes parked isn’t a problem. It’s the lack of time to get it done. You have to make quick decisions.” Gosney says it also takes a strong team to get the job done. “You’ve got to have people willing to work and listen, and not question what you want done,” he says.

4:35 p.m. – Post 127 Commander Steve Adams calls having the Run stop at his post a “once in a lifetime” event. He also tells me about his post – which is impressive, to say the least. It’s on 33 acres and includes eight baseball fields that the post leases out to the city. Behind the post is a patio, veranda and a stage. It almost feels like a country club, sans the golf course and pretention.

4:46 p.m. – Harold Barnett, a past Georgia department commander and the leading candidate for 2015-2016 American Legion national commander, drove an hour and 15 minutes to greet the Run. He’s joined by Department Commander Randy Goodman and National Executive Committeeman Charles Wessinger, as well as other Georgia Legionnaires. “It’s important we support all the things The American Legion Riders do for the Legacy Fund,” Barnett says.

4:48 p.m. – The Run arrives, greeted by a slew of Georgia Legionnaires holding American flags.

5:02 p.m. – Ken Long is on his first Legacy Run. The Post 610 Legionnaire from Brook Park, Ohio, isn’t the only one making his ride debut. His daughter, Kristen Little – coming off her second year as an Auxiliary district president in Ohio – is riding alongside her dad. “This was on my bucket list,” Kristen says. “I told my dad I wanted to do it, and he said, ‘We’ll do it.’” “It didn’t take any arm twisting,” says Ken, who has been riding for more than 40 years. “This is for a good cause. A great cause.”

6:19 p.m. – Legion Rider Randy Gunn of Post 284 in Colonial Heights, Va., isn’t wearing his own vest during the Run. His vest belonged to Minnesota’s Les Pratt, who rode in six previous Legacy Runs and was registered for this one. But in late July, Les passed away unexpectedly. His daughter reached out to Gunn on Facebook to let Gunn know about Les’ passing. The family gave Gunn his vest to wear during the Run, as well as $500 – what Les normally donated during the Run. Another $2,440 was donated by Les’ friends and co-workers in Minnesota. “I didn’t know Les that well,” Gunn says. “But it’s a brotherhood out here. We weren’t good friends, but we were friends who looked forward to seeing each other on the Run each year. His daughter told me, ‘Dad talked about you all the time.’ It’s because we always looked forward to spending these 10 or so days together. It’s really something how all of this worked out.”

6:35 p.m. – More than $58,000 come in during the event at Post 127 – including $11,000 from Post 233 in Loganville, Ga. The total going into today: more than $375,000.


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Eminent Domain Battle
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Great News!!!!!

The city of Buford has stopped their attempt to acquire the Legion property by Eminent Domain. We will be staying at our current location. More details to follow.

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